Revellion Merino

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Our sole-source exclusive partnership with a world renowned farm ensures that all Revellion merino comes from sheep who eat premium and consistent diets, are carefully cared for, and never exposed to controversial treatments such as mulesing.

Our current release of superfine merino is 15.3 microns in fineness.

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The Farm

Sole source: Our attention to detail starts at the source.  Partnering with a single farm ensures that we have extraordinary control over the quality of our raw materials.

Ethical treatment: By partnering directly with a world-renowned farm, we are able to ensure that our sheep are never exposed to any controversial animal treatments such as mulesing.

Happy Sheep: Our farm implements a twice-weekly grazing rotation for the sheep, which greatly reduces the parasite burdens and the need for chemicals and treatments to soils.

Healthy Sheep: The sheep are inspected twice a week as a preventative measure to monitor the health of the sheep.

Environmental Impact: The amount of chemicals going into the soils at the farm is very, very small and therefore the soils are healthier, the pastures are healthier, and the sheep are healthier.

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Artisan Quality

Hand-selected: We hand-select our merino at the farm, one fleece at a time to guarantee the finest quality.

Quality control: By using purely sole-sourced merino, we can process without needing the harsh chemical treatments applied to lower grade or blended merino wool.

Tested twice: Our superfine merino is measured for fineness one fleece at a time immediately after it is sheared.  It is tested a second time after spinning and knitting, and certified by Woolmark© for fineness.

Process: We control and authenticate every step of the process in the production of our merino after it leaves the farm to guarantee the purity of the finished fabric.

Artisan: Ensuring the quality of our product is our top priority.  We pay attention to the details, and we focus on authentic craftsmanship.

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Exclusive Luxury

Hand feel: Each batch of our superfine merino is tested to ensure a minimum softness requirement equivalent to premium cashmere.

Direct: Revellion merino is never purchased at an auction.  We do not deal with brokers, which means we can guarantee the finest quality.

Online:  Revellion garments are only available for purchase directly from us.  Avoiding the traditional retail distribution models allows us to sell extremely high grade garments at reasonable prices.

Limited Releases: Superfine merino processed to our standards is a rarity.  We only release styles in small batches.

Performance: Superfine merino is the ultimate all natural performance fiber, and has one of the highest insulation to weight values of any natural fiber.

Machine washable: Revellion merino garments can be machine washed.